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Backlash: 14 Great Moments from Post-WrestleMania broadcasts of WWE RAW

Professional Wrestling article, April 2014. Taken from Bleacher Report. Images:

WrestleMania is, in no uncertain terms, the night of the year for the professional wrestling world.

Never failing to deliver an eye-catching array of mega-matches and superstar from the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWE’s ‘Mania has been the preeminent event in the sports entertainment calendar since Vince McMahon introduced his brainchild to the world on March 31, 1985.

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Death Match: Remembering the WWF’s 2000 Royal Rumble


Professional Wrestling article, January 2014. Taken from Bleacher Report. Image:

With WrestleMania being the focus pay-per-view for professional wrestling fans each and every year, other events in the calendar can be forgiven for getting lost in the shuffle. Happily, the Royal Rumble, WWE’s annual January offering, does not fall into this category and stands out in its own right as a supercard that often rivals “the Showcase of the Immortals” as the must-see event of the year.

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The New Year Report: The 13 Half-Season Stars of the 2013/14 Premier League


UK Football article, January 2014. Taken from This is Futbol. Image: BBC Sport

The current Premier League season was always going to be interesting viewing.

With the heavyweights of Manchester both undergoing high-profile changes of management, Arsenal finally spending big and Chelsea revelling in the return of a “Special One”, the periods of transition that the major clubs in the league are going through has thrown up all sorts of possibilities.

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The Boss: Triple H, Vince McMahon & the Evolution of The Authority


Professional Wrestling article, December 2013. Taken from Bleacher Report. Image:

“Life sucks… and then you die.”

Vince McMahon’s most heel-like of words on the May 11, 2000 broadcast of SmackDown! were extraordinary even by the boundary-demolishing standards of the World Wrestling Federation of the era.

The chairman’s expert delivery, accentuated by the in-ring presence of his McMahon-Helmsley cronies, was one of those exemplary moments that characterised the acclaimed ‘Attitude’ period of early-2000’s WWF programming, so much so that the company itself named this segment as one of the top 100 moments in SmackDown history in a 2009 retrospective.

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